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Merchandise For Sale!

2011-10-13 15:42:50 by ApocalypseCartoons

my new official merchandise shop is now open at zazzle.com! shirts, mugs, stickers, bags and posters! all with cage or alice or petey or father tucker!

prices vary depending on the quality of the materials you choose. cheaper "value t-shirts" are available and, are of surprisingly good quality. you can also customize orders, changing the size of the designs or color and style of the products. satisfaction guaranteed! available to ship worldwide! say it with me: zazzle!


Merchandise For Sale!


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2011-11-06 16:13:27

Very nice, but when will you upload the first five Premie Petey cartoons along with Father Tucker?


2011-11-25 21:07:40

This cocaine isn't just gonna buy itself you know! Enjoyed the Rats on series, looking forward to your more recent work.


2012-03-16 17:47:23

i can´t wait for Rats On Cocaine - Ep #11

seriously man, don´t stop making these