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Fingering the Big Screen

2013-04-16 18:05:39 by ApocalypseCartoons

My last Rats on Cocaine cartoon (Finger) will make its theatrical debut tomorrow (April 17th) at The Humboldt Film Festival! (in northern California)

And it will have its east coast premier next week (April 25th) at the New York No Limits Film Series in New York City! (in Manhattan, New York's clitoris)

And I'll be at both! Come play with me!

Humboldt Film Festival: http://www.hsufilmfestival.com

New York No Limits: http://www.newyorknolimits.com


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2013-04-16 19:36:19

:P and I gotta be stuck in New Jersey, with an exception to go to PicoDay2013.
Burns my muffins that I couldn't go to the Humboldt FF, even when I was out that way :|
Break a leg, take no prisoners!! Yeah!! *sniff*

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

thank you!